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Welcome to the K2K Ad Organization Concept by Congratulations for having taken a right decision in your life. You are joining the company which is going to create history in the network marketing business.

1.I am joining k2k ad with my full consent which is non-refundable.

2. In case of any extraordinary circumstances, the Company will not have any liability of any kind to anyone.

3.The company will not have any liability in case of any disaster.

4. The company can make any changes to its plan to run it for life time, or can impose any condition, which is in the interest of the company.

5. The company works on the basis of market, hence it has the right to give pay out on the basis of market only, it may be more or less.

6. With my consent, I purchase ad portal for Rs 1000 which is non-refundable.

7. It is mandatory for all unique IDs to be repurchased every 30 days and to have a direct sponsor every 60 days.

8.Daily's income is based on market base, which may increase or decrease in extreme circumstances, for which the Company is not bound.

9. Tell the complete plan to all your downlines so that they can apply their ID thoughtfully as per their wish.

10.It is mandatory for every Unique ID star level or 90 days above members to repurchase the product every month.

11. If any member does not make a direct sponsor every 60 days on monthly ad purchases and unique id of members above star level, product purchases and unique id, then all their

income will be disrupted and the terms and conditions will be changed to make it smooth again. Must be completed.

12.It is mandatory for all members to attend the daily meeting, otherwise all types of income will be disrupted.

13. In case of any kind of sales in Lift, Advertisement, SPL, only the first payment will be made, that too after receiving at least 100% amount from the customer.

14.All rights are reserved with the company, in case of any dispute Sonipat Haryana court will be valid.

15. I completely agree with all the terms and conditions and accept them keeping all of them in mind.